Installing Plants 12 Months a Year

Hi Folks, most people don’t know that it’s ok to plant all twelve months of the year. Spring and Fall are nice times to plant because of the generally cool and moderate temperatures;however, when planting in the summer just make sure to water at least twice a week for the first month after planting and […]

Hot temperature watering

Whenever you know that the day will be extra hot, always water in the morning…you can treat your plants like a camel by watering before the heat hits before noon generally and the roots will soak in all the water in the soil throughout the day just like a camel drinks through his hump. Remember, […]

It’s been Really Hot out There

Hello Everyone, the outdoor temperatures have really been baking the earth lately, so it’s even more important to make sure you plant shrubs in the sun that like sun and can tolerate direct hot sunlight, and install plants that like the shade in the shade. Some part shade plants can tolerate some direct or full […]